Sochi 2014’s mountain venues set to provide lasting legacy

Miami Gymnastics

Located in Krasnaya Polyana, roughly 40km from Sochi, the newly-built mountain venues are home to all or any the athletics and slippery  sports throughout Sochi 2014. once the Games, several of the venues can still host major international competitions, like tournament events, whereas conjointly providing fashionable facilities for the region.

The RusSki Gorki Jumping Centre, Sanki slippery  Centre and genus Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, for instance, can all become national coaching centres, providing best facilities for Russia’s next generation of Olympians.

The genus Rosa Khutor Alpine Centre, meanwhile, which can host the Alpine athletics events throughout Sochi 2014, can become a part of a serious new holiday resort.

Prior to its booming bid for the Games, Sochi was a lot of wide referred to as one among Russia’s most well liked summer vacation resorts, however the new facilities that are created – like those at genus Rosa Khutor – can see it become a very important winter destination further.

“The key accomplishment of the Sochi Winter Games are that Sochi is not any longer regarded merely as a summer resort, however as an area wherever individuals will visit all year spherical,” same Sochi city manager Anatoly Pakhomov in Nov 2012. “Sochi has three hundred days of sunshine a year. it’s a novel sub-tropical climate, thus in March and April you’ll be able to come back athletics here and still realize individuals sunbathing on the coast. It will be ten or fifteen degrees below state change in Krasnaya Polyana and fifteen degrees on the lineation.”

“This is admittedly a novel place,” Pakhomov additional. “Sochi has invariably had the capability to be associate degree well-rounded resort, not simply the foremost in style Russian summer resort. we have a tendency to ne’er had the infrastructure or the conditions to create it happen before – however the Winter Games have prompted North American country to require that chance.”

Previously, the restricted infrastructure within the mountains of the Krasnaya Polyana region created it tough for guests to require advantage of the wonderful athletics conditions.

As a results of hosting the Winter Games, however, a high-speed train line has been designed – linking the region with Sochi – whereas a brand new resort has conjointly been developed in genus Rosa Khutor, with shops, restaurants and international building chains all attributable to open within the returning months. once the Games, it’s hoped that genus Rosa Khutor can become a serious ski destination for each Russian and overseas holidaymakers – providing another durable inheritance from the Games.


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