Best Gymnastic School in Miami, Florida

Miami Gymnastics

Miami Gymnastics

IK School of Gymnastics is represents the best gymnastic school in Miami.  Gymnastics is a very challenging sport.  Gymnastics in Miami is very popular sport nowadays and there are some schools which offer recreational gymnastics classes, but if you’d like your child to be enrolled in professional gymnastic school in Miami, welcome to IK.

Gymnastics is the best sport for girls. It combines ballet and creative movements to music with the following apparatus – ball, rope, ribbon, hoop and clubs.  Rhythmic gymnastics combines ballet, artistic gymnastic and dance. It is a beautiful Olimpic Sport nowadays and IK is the best choice to start gymnastics in Miami professionally and recreationally.

IK has the best, world known coaches in the world. They are from Russia, Ukrain, France, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan and Belorussia.

Let see the history of this beautiful sport.  Gymnastics can be divided into 2 kinds – rhythmic and artistic. Gymnastics started in Europe as one sport (rhythmic and artistic) in 18th century and it was developed into 2 different and similar sports later. Rhythmic gymnastics as independent sport was started by Russians. And the first Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship was held in Europe in 1963, but it became Olympic Sport just 1984. It is the main reason why Rhythmic Gymnastics is not so well known and recognized in the USA.

Rhythmic Gymnastics in USA has 6 different competitive levels: Level 10 is the highest competitive level and Level 5 is the lowest. Level 5 through the 7 have compulsory routines they must compete. These 4 compulsory routines are picked up out of 6 every year in USA. There are a lot of different rules: individual routine has to be not more than 90 seconds and group – not more than 150 seconds, apparatus can go out of the marked area, you can’t drop the apparatus and others.

There are 4 main points to be good gymnasts – attitude, confidence, commitment and practice.   IK School has a big team for gymnastics in Miami and competes successfully on different levels – Florida State, Region 6 and National.



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