Welcome to Ikgymnastics School in Miami, Florida

Welcome to IK, Miami gymnastic school. There is a place for everyone at IK, whether your child wants to learn a new sport, stay in shape, has special needs or hopes to become an Olympic competitor. IK school has offers gymnastic classes in Miami area. We have multiple locations and our after school programs are very well-known in Miami area. Gymnastic is a beautiful sport. Gymnastics demonstrates the best of human abilities, and your kids can be the ones who will be chosen for this mission. Known for our safe and nurturing environment, our coaches are caring professionals trained to encourage your child to have fun while participating in our motivating gymnastic program.

Our facility offers you dynamic Miami gymnastic classes, spectacular birthday parties, memorable camps and much more all year long. Our personal care and involvement will ensure that your child receives a positive and productive experience.

Health and fitness is the gift of life and IK school of Gymnastics welcomes you to enjoy our facility and the sport of gymnastics. All our programs are educationally based and we offer a wide variety of physical education services

IK Miami Gymnastic holds the highest safety standards available in the United States and requires ALL staff and administration to hold USA Gymnastics (national governing body of gymnastics in the United States) and safety-certification. In addition to our strict guidelines for hiring and staff training, we require all staff members are emergency readiness trained, are practiced throughout our facility regularly.

We invite you to check out our facilities and programs. To schedule an appointment please call 786-350-6655. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing the best gymnastic school in Miami and South Florida.

Our locations:

Pelican Center, Sunny Isles

Aventura Charters School

15901 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach,

Aventura Mantissori School

We accept just GIRLS!!!!!! The earliest age is 3 years old.

First of all call 786-350-6655 to schedule your first class. First class is Free! Coach will determine your level during the class and we will give you schedule for appropriate level.

What to wear for the first class? – It is perfect if you have gymnastic leotard and special gymnastic half shoes, if you don’t – just wear something comfortable to do gymnastics – shorts, t-shirt and socks. Hair must be tired in a very nice bun, no jewelry and watches please.

If you want to join a beautiful world of rhythmic gymnastics, you need to be registered. The second class required registration for 1 year and payment for the first month. You will also need to buy school uniform with logo and special gymnastic shoes. We have everything on sale in our facility.

We also require students to have the following apparatus – ball, hoop, clubs, rope, ribbon. Levels 2 and 3 beginners (3-6 years old) need to have rope and ball and Levels 3-4 (6-15 years old) beginners need to have ball, rope, hoop, ribbon. We have everything on sale in our school. If you buy gymnastics supplies somewhere else make sure you are buying professional equipment appropriate for your child’s level, age, height, etc. You can ask your coach for details.


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